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By blending archival materials and on-location footage from Tibet and North America, An Uncommon King offers a revealing gaze into the life, background, and aspirations of the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, current head of Shambhala. The film firmly situates his father, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Shambhala, and the Sakyong into the millennial tradition of Tibetan Buddhism while emphasizing their role in our contemporary world toward establishing an “enlightened society”. Wonderful film.
:: Changchub Dorje

This is a superb film that needs to get out there and be seen by as many people as possible.
:: Meg Vigerstad

It is a beautiful and revealing movie. I love it so much.
:: Marjolaine Robert

Brings the Sakyong’s extraordinary life into focus: fantastic Tibet footage, ordinary human interaction, love, history – it’s all there.
:: Dori Digenti

Saw the film at Dorje Denma Ling – incredible! I cried! I cheered! It took my breath away. Looking forward to the theatrical release.
:: Tom Berthoff

This so very touching and inspiring. Hearing the stories of great practitioners is such a gift. Contemplating what I’ve heard of Rinpoche’s life fills me with awe and a desire to practice without wasting a second. I eagerly await watching this with the other monastics at Gampo Abbey. Major gratitude and congrats!
:: Loden Nyima

Thank you so much for this film! It was wonderful to see the Sakyong in so many different contexts at all ages. Beautifully done!
:: Melissa Dare Howell

Your film is truly beautiful and moving in so many, many ways. It brought me to tears several times when I saw it at the Scorpion Seal retreat in Boulder. Thank you so very much for making this film. Seeing the footage in Tibet, the old video of when the Sakyong first became Sawang, footage of Karma Senge Rinpoche and much, much more … it was all so moving. I can’t wait to see it again. With gratitude.
:: Nicki Dayley

I had the good fortune to see An Uncommon King during the Being Brave sangha retreat that just completed in Boulder. This was during my first opportunity to receive teachings from the Sakyong, and so was extremely poignant. The editing is professional, the narration supportive and non-intrusive, the footage, comprehensive. With such an unusual life story, I wondered where the emphasis would land in terms of the defining challenge for our hero … As if the job title Earth Protector wasn’t enough! And then, in an abrupt voiceover, at the end, we hear, “I have to be the Sakyong!” I look forward to the sequel.
:: Will Brown

Looking forward to watching the DVD.
:: Sherab Gyatso

I am so eager to see the film. In only two minutes from this video clip I have already gained meaningful insight into the importance of being and staying present during my long runs. I am filled with inspiration and admiration for the Sakyong, and trust that An Uncommon King’s journey will help motivate many on marathon missions.
:: Gabrielle Miller, of AbFabFit.com

The Chinese invasion of Tibet led to something precious – the Buddha-Dharma being planted in the West! I like the story: the Sakyong knows his birth was no accident, he’s furthering his father’s work, the teachings bring sanity and gentle heart to this world of aggression and greed. I can’t wait to see the movie.
:: Michael Archibeque

Congrats, and thank you Johanna, can’t wait to see it!
:: Jan Watson

With great appreciation.
:: Anky Aarta

Aspirations for fulfillment of this samaya bond.
:: Morgan Burnham

E Ma Ho!
:: Deb Drexler

In gratitude for the hearing of the Dharma in this lifetime.
:: Bliss Kandel

This film will touch hearts in a way that nothing else can, because that’s what art does. This is a very important way for our society to understand what Shambhala and the Sakyong are all about.
:: Lokken Liane

I have seen this film and it is magnificent.
:: Trime Persinger

Congratulations on a wonderful achievement!
:: Liz Richardson

This is a great movie and I am delighted to add my support.
:: Terry Rudderham

Thank you for helping to transform society.
:: Dave Smith

I am so looking forward to this documentary. One of a kind, no doubt. That it may benefit innumerable sentient beings.
:: H. Vink Zandvoort

Thank you so very much, Johanna and all who brought this seminal movie to fruition.
:: Faye Halpern

Excellent and right on for the changing times. Thanks!
:: Denny Robertson