When You Die

The When You Die documentary turns the lens on potential relief for a conflicted society that confuses death with a disease to be cured. Without minimizing the pain and messiness of death we show that it […]

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An Uncommon King

An Uncommon King is the biography of Tibetan spiritual teacher Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche who seeks to end aggression in the world. “It does matter what a society thinks about itself.” […]

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Going On – The Movie

Going On – The Movie is a film adaptation of acclaimed actor Elizabeth Richardson’s one-woman stage show that explores the dynamic push – pull between career ambitions and the spiritual life.  […]

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Realizing Confidence

Realizing Confidence reveals the intimate process of a master thangka painter and her teacher working together to create an extraordinary work of spiritual art. Thangka painting is a Buddhist art form that has been practiced […]

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