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Feature documentary now in production

When You Die

Does consciousness continue after death?

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Feature documentary

An Uncommon King

In life, the most powerful weapon is gentleness.

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Film Adaptation

Going On - The Movie

Spiritual and worldly pursuits clash with humor
and pathos in this witty one woman stage show
adapted for the screen.


Recent Productions

Going On – The Movie

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Going On – The Movie is a film adaptation of acclaimed actor Elizabeth Richardson’s one-woman stage show that explores the dynamic push – pull between career ambitions and the spiritual life.  […]

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  • Storytelling
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“…[Forgiveness:] is a tremendous body of work. You [Johanna] and your crew deserve to be commended. I hope it’s entered for lots of awards. It deserves every piece of hardware it receives and then some.”
Charles Adler, syndicated radio talk show host
“…[An Uncommon King] is a colourful, fast-moving filmography, orchestrating and integrating image, action, and interview, in which the Uncommon King’s uncommon kingdom is revealed as a kingdom of the heart, his realm as the realm of the mind and its only law the gentleness of the actions the enlightened heart leads to,”
Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald